23 August 2023

By PhD, Food Enginer, Ayşenur Akpınar,  Bastak Instruments


With the scientific and technical advances in the food industry world, it has become very important to ensure food quality and safety by ensuring food quality and safety, food control, and increasing utilization values.


Quality control in food has always had an important place due to its direct effect on human health. Rapid development in food sciences and technology, rationalization in the food industry, storage and transport problems, and wrong practices in these areas increase the importance of food quality and control day by day.


Food standards and methods are prepared at the international level to ensure the quality and control of food in every country and international Trade. Creating a reliable environment in production and consumption. Implementing effective quality control in food products, and determining the nutritional qualities of foodstuffs, to support scientific and academic studies.


Bastak Instruments continues to support scientific and sectoral research by following the developing technologies for a quarter of a century contributing to the improvement of food quality, safety, and security of feed, legumes, seeds and oilseeds, cereals, and cereal products all over the world. One of the studies we have carried out for this purpose is to bring our ICC Standard 189 and ICC Standard 192 methods, which have been approved by, the International Cereal Science and Technology Association, for its acronym in English ICC, into the world in the last 2 years.


The ICC, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, together with Mr Zeki Demirtaşoğlu, Bastak Instruments Founder and CEO,  as a member of the technical committee, is an international network of cereal scientists and technologists from all over the World. The ICC provides international standardized methods and scientific updates for all cereal scientists and technologists.


ICC standard methods, which have been applied for more than 60 years for food quality control, food safety, and security for the health and welfare of all people, serve as a guide for international trade, national and international legislation, industry standards such as ISO and TSE and food manufacturers and control laboratories. Bastak Instruments has become first in Turkey and in the World by introducing 4 new ICC methods to the world.


Our study method for the determination of wet gluten, gluten index, and dry gluten of wheat flour and whole wheat flour using Bastak quality control devices 4000 and 4500 model Roller Mill, 1900 model Hammer Mill and Gluten Q-System; 6100 model Gluten Cheq, 2100 model Index Centrifuge Cheq, 2500 model Dry Cheq devices has been accepted by ICC, the International Cereal Science and Technology Association, with the standard number 192. 


Gluten protein, which forms the skeleton of the dough and is accepted as the most important quality criterion, affects the kneading, processing, and gas-holding capacity of the dough and ensures that the bread rises and has a porous structure. The amount and quality of gluten is accepted as a quality determining factor in wheat and it also gives information about the purpose for which the wheat used will be processed.  Our method of determination of wet gluten, gluten index and dry gluten of whole wheat flour and wheat flour using Bastak Instruments ICC No. 192 standard Bastak equipment has been carried out by scientists and experts in the field in quality control laboratories and universities in many European countries and its accuracy has been accepted in the world.


Amylolytic enzymes play an important role in the formation of sugars required for the formation of fermentation in dough making, and in the absence of sufficient levels of alpha and beta amylase enzymes in the environment, the sugars required for fermentation will not be able to form enough CO2 to allow the bread to rise, the volume of bread will decrease and the quality will be significantly affected. Therefore, amylase is an important parameter in determining bread quality.  The method study titled 'Determination of Falling Number' using Bastak Instruments FNCheq device and estimation of Alpha-Amylase Activity level based on viscosity was accepted by ICC, as Standard No.189 in 2021 and made available to the world.


With 72 cereal quality control devices, robotic sampling systems with our country's first and only patent and utility model, 4 new methods introduced by Bastak Instruments, which has been producing for the future of our country and humanity with superior technical features for a quarter of a century in our country's first and only R&D Centre approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in the field of 35 types of flour additives; will be included in the ICC booklet and our methods will be taught,  our devices will be used in all relevant sectors, especially universities in many countries such as the USA, Europe, and Canada. With the methods we have introduced in the research and development of more reliable food sources for humanity; we will continue to guide the experts and scientists who will operate in this field.  We will also continue to support scientific and sectoral research by following the developing technologies.