18 August 2023

Tanis Milling Technologies has developed an innovative sieve that offers superior performance and quality.

The sieve is a very important component in flour milling and is used to separate flour into different grades based on particle size. A sifter is a type of industrial machine that is widely used in the milling industry to screen and classify flour and other powdery materials. The machine consists of several stacked sieves or screens arranged in a specific pattern to separate particles of different sizes.

The screen uses centrifugal force to separate particles by size. The material to be screened is fed into the upper part of the machine and then falls onto the topmost screen. As the machine rotates, smaller particles pass through holes in the sieve and are collected in a lower chamber, while larger particles are carried across the sieve and eventually fall onto the next lower sieve.

Sieves are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, from small laboratory models to large industrial machines used in flour mills and other processing plants. They are an important tool for ensuring the quality and consistency of flour and other powders used in food production.

As milling technologies have evolved, so has the screen, with modern designs incorporating innovations to improve efficiency, accuracy, durability and reliability.

At the heart of Tanis Milling Technologies screens is their unique design. Unlike conventional screens, each Tanis screen consists of three main blocks made of 10 mm steel. The use of bolts instead of welding to join the blocks minimizes the risk of breakage, making the screen long-lasting and durable.

But what sets it apart is its innovative solution to distribute the weight on the upper and lower bearings, using springs on the main shaft. This solution reduces stress and wear on the bearings, leading to longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs. In addition, reduced vibration and noise levels create a safer and more comfortable working environment.

Tanış Mill Technologies has developed a unique design for the sieve box of its screens with a very strong connection system. The sieve box can be made of wood or plastic, depending on the specific requirements of the milling process.

In addition to the screens, Tanis offers a range of options for the screen frame, including wood and aluminum. The screen frame can be supported or unsupported depending on the specific needs of the milling process.

Another unique system of Tanis Milling Technologies in screens is the locking system for screen boxes. This system is designed to evenly distribute the weight on the sieves and ensure balance, prevent them from moving and eliminate the risk of flour mixing.

The locking system is an important feature in ensuring the quality and consistency of flour production. It is designed to hold the sieves securely in place and prevent unnecessary movement during operation that could cause contamination or inconsistencies in the final product.

By maintaining balance and preventing movement, Tanis' sieves are able to deliver high quality flour with consistent particle size and purity.

The equipment has a design that allows easy external greasing. This important feature simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime, which is critical in the milling industry, eliminating the need for disassembly, which can be time consuming and labor intensive.