29 November 2023

AB Industries, one of the leading companies of Alapala Holding, is entering a new era. With the latest appointment, Cengiz Tiryakioğlu, the experienced General Manager of DEPART, one of the Group companies, was appointed as the General Manager of AB Industries. With this appointment, Mr Tiryakioğlu will serve as General Manager of both companies simultaneously.


Tiryakioğlu is known as a senior executive in different sectors since 1996 and is known as a name that has achieved remarkable successful projects. In particular, he has made significant contributions to the success of the company by assuming the position of DEPART General Manager since 2016.


With his appointment as the new General Manager of AB Industries, Tiryakioğlu's experience and leadership qualities are expected to bring new openings to the company in the milling sector. With his command of the sector and the companies, he is expected to make significant contributions to the growth and development of the companies under the roof of Alapala Holding.


This double appointment aims to strengthen the strategic management of the companies and increase their capacity to do business from a broader perspective by creating synergies between different sectors. The fact that Tiryakioğlu will carry out his duties in both companies simultaneously is considered an important step in terms of demonstrating his leadership and management skills as well as his competencies in time management and strategic planning.


With the new appointment, Alapala Holding aims to continue its strategic steps to support the growth targets of the companies and strengthen inter-sectoral co-operation. In this period under the leadership of Tiryakioğlu, the companies are expected to exhibit a successful performance by getting stronger.