11 April 2023

11 This year. the organization, which was organized and brought together Bastak's distributors in Algeria and Oman, was held with the intensive participation of industry professionals, representatives and distributors.Dec.


Mr. Zeki Decontaşoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bastak Group, who wants to provide better service to his customers in different countries and inform them about the latest technologies he has developed, shared the following information on the subject: "Thanks to these meetings we have held, we are creating synergy by coming together with our representatives and distributors abroad. Our company sales and production teams are informed about the demands, needs and expectations of our customers abroad thanks to our distributors."


Demirtaşoğlu continued his words as follows: "Another benefit of the meetings is that our domestic and international partners are working more efficiently and harmoniously thanks to the synergy and communication network we have created. Issues that are waiting for answers are being resolved faster. This also means a happier customer."


Expressing that all the participants returned to their countries with satisfaction, Zeki Demirtaşoğlu stated that the continuation of such meetings will increase.