11 December 2021

Yenar, one of the largest manufacturers of mill waltz balls in the world, has produced a total of 100 CNC Threading and Grinding machines since 2013, when it started production by combining its many years of experience and strength in the waltz sector. Yenar's CNC machines are manufactured in its new facility equipped with state-of-the-art machines and the highest level quality control equipment.


The main features of the machines produced by Yenar include grinding the waltz ball in the desired profile according to the diagram diagram and the option of an additional mounted crane, local language support and remote access systems Dec. Thanks to this model, Yenar offers the possibility of flute and grinding rolls up to Ø350 mm and 1.500 mm in length.


In 2021, Yenar produced 25 vals mill ball threading and grinding machines.


Continuing its production without interruption, Yenar has produced 25 Decoupling and grinding machines and 22 vals sand blasting machines for liso balls in 2021. There are three types of machines offered by Yenar: combined threading and grinding machines or just a threading machine, just a grinding machine. The size range is December 350x1500 mm, 450x2100 mm and 600x2100 mm for flour milling rollers, feed milling and oil milling rollers. The machines are designed to work completely differently and efficiently from the existing machines on the market, with an emphasis on innovation. Thanks to the fact that Yenar is a mill waltz ball manufacturer and produces the most ergonomic and flexible machines for the end user, 13 threading machines work in their own facilities. Yenar CNC threading and grinding machines, which can be used in the simplest way by customers and are a marvel of advanced design, provide great convenience in the service of crusher or sandblasted rollers. Yenar combined threading and grinding machine offers three options for grinding types: cylindrical, cambered or chamfered. For the threading process, you just need to enter the details of your diagram on the screen, then the software, which it has made itself, automatically calculates the cutting depth. In addition, there is support for remote assistance connection available on the machine to solve remote problems on the machine.


As for the Yenar Sandblasting machine, it allows you to achieve the desired roughness on your surfaces with smooth liso balls. The PLC controlled machine has sand recycling system and vacuum suction with filter, thus ensuring a dust-free environment.


the target number of 45 different types of machines for the year 2021 was reached by the end of 2020. 100% of the machines produced were exported. YF/YFG 35150, 45210, 60210 model machines are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide with single threading, grinding or combined threading and grinding options produced in the new factory.


Yenar is constantly improving its technical infrastructure by making high-cost investments and producing the most equipped machines needed by the market. Having gained a great momentum with the production of machinery, Yenar has strengthened its position in domestic and foreign Sundays by meeting its investments and growth with its own resources.


Yenar management said, 'Since we have been in the production of vals mill ball for 26 years, we will continue our investments, production and exports in 2022. We serve our customers not only with our productions, but also after sales. Our facility is the only production facility of combined threading and grinding machines in the world with the investments made. To sell 100 machines in such a short time shows the trust of our customers in our products. Millers in more than 30 countries in the Americas and Asia continents, especially in the USA, Japan, Indonesia, can easily re-thread, grind or sandblast their rollers. Also our milestone, the 100th. we would like to thank all our employees who contributed to our machine,' he said.


Yenar is always trying to improve the quality and consistency of the sector by adding new devices and improvements. We are grateful to our competitors who forced us to make all these improvements and forced Yenar to be one step ahead. The production of all these machines is due to the needs of the sector. Just like with the RollCare Profile Measuring device, we wanted to check the profile of the teeth that we have Decanted on the rollers and our R&D center has developed a new laser profile measuring device. The rollCare Profile Measuring Device is a device designed using laser technology that can control the waltz profiles in mills. This device allows us to compare the rolling profile with the theoretical one and with the plant operators to plan the optimal maintenance plan. rollCare does not require any settings.