08 November 2023

Zeki Demirtaşoğlu, Chairman of Turkish Milling and Sector Machinery Manufacturers Association, visits member companies operating in Konya in order to contribute to the development of the sector. These special visits play an extremely important role in understanding the current dynamics of the sector, exploring new co-operation opportunities and increasing information sharing.

The first stop of Zeki Demirtaşoğlu was the workplace of Hasan Tarhan, the owner of Industrial Electricity company. This visit offered an opportunity to exchange information and ideas on electrical and automation solutions in the sector. Mr Tarhan gave information about his company's latest projects and discussed technological advances in the sector and future cooperation opportunities.

Demirtaşoğlu then visited Necdet Kaya Değirmen company owned by Sinem Kaya Mat. During this meeting, the latest innovations in the sector and product development strategies were discussed.

Afterwards, during the visit to the workplace of Aziz Karakaya, owner of Özen Değirmen, milling machines and technological advances in this field were discussed. Mr Karakaya gave information about the product portfolio of his company and shared important opinions about the current and future market dynamics in the sector.

Ahmet Bacak and Mustafa Sarıca, owners of Değirmencioğlu Machinery, also expressed important opinions on the competitive dynamics in the sector and future business opportunities during President Demirtaşoğlu's visit to them.

In the meetings hosted by Sami Pirinç and Mustafa Pirinç, owners of Safa Değirmen, and Cuma Koç, owner of Unicore Feed and Milling Machinery, the discussions to evaluate the future opportunities and threats of the sector were of great importance.

Finally, at the workplace of Celalettin Hakan Katırcı, owner of Mekpan Panel, technological advances and innovation in the sector were discussed. Mr Katırcı shared his company's efforts and future projects in these areas and presented an important vision for the further progress of the sector.

These visits are of great importance in terms of the commitment of the Association of Milling and Sector Machinery Manufacturers to the sector and the support it provides to its members. It also contributes to the sustainable growth of the sector by encouraging co-operation and information sharing in the sector.