03 November 2023

ALIM 2023 Exhibition organised in Argentina has become an important platform for milling machinery manufacturers. In this event, DESMÜD member companies attracted international attention by exhibiting their achievements and products in their sectors. Here are some of our DESMUD member companies participating in this fair:

Alapala Makina

Alapala Makina, founded in 1954, is one of the most established companies of Alapala Group. Recognised as one of the world's leading milling machinery manufacturers, Alapala Makina plays an important role in the leadership race with its vision for the future. The company exports 95% of its production and is one of the leading exporters in Turkey. Alapala Makina has realised many turnkey factory installations in more than 100 countries in four continents including developed industrial countries such as Germany, France, Italy, USA.


Bastak Gıda

Established in 1999 to manufacture flour additives and quality control devices, Bastak Instruments is defined as a company that sets out by placing customer satisfaction at the top of the service pyramid. Bastak Instruments aims to have a say in the international market with R&D studies by overcoming many obstacles in production.

The company aims not only to grow but also to achieve a competitive position worldwide by keeping up with the rapidly changing needs of the business world. Bastak Instruments, which adopts evolving production technologies day by day, continues to grow and contribute to production by constantly adding innovations to its business approach.

In 2003, Bastak Instruments started its export activities by establishing the Foreign Trade Unit and started to make its name known in the international market by further expanding its targets. Always aiming to produce the best and high quality products in the production field, the company attaches great importance to R&D studies in this direction. Bastak Instruments, which aims to provide the best and fastest service to its customers from the first meeting with them, has strengthened its place in the business world as a link contributing to this large production chain.

Bastak Instruments continues to take firm steps in producing quality products based on customer satisfaction and constantly being open to innovations. With its customer-orientated approach and vision of continuous development, the company has become one of the leading names in its sector.


Imas Makine

İmaş is a company established in 1989 within Ittifak Holding and manufactures high quality machinery and equipment. İmaş operates under the brands Milleral in the milling sector, Viteral in feed mills, Cuteral in the band saw sector, Steral in the steel construction sector and ProSupport in after-sales services. İmaş Makine serves its customers with the principle of "trust first" by building turnkey flour and feed mills in more than 100 countries around the world and draws attention with its success in providing high quality and fast after-sales service.


Tanis Mill

Founded in 2015, TANIS MILLING TECHNOLOGIES manufactures state-of-the-art automation machines capable of producing high quality wheat, corn and barley flour. The company, which holds approximately 30% of Turkey's milling technology sector, has the distinction of being one of the first to win the European standards certificate. TANIS MILLING TECHNOLOGIES, which certifies its quality with important quality standards such as ISO, CE, TÜV, TSE, is recognised as one of the top 5 most important brands in the sector. The company's potential customers range from enterprises producing wheat, corn and barley flour to pasta, biscuit, snack dessert producers and large bread producers.



Değirmencioğlu Makine, which started in a modest area in Konya in 1977, has become one of the leading companies in the sector by undergoing a great transformation over the years. With the support of its customers and the experience it has gained, it continues its production activities by moving first to an area of 6,000 square metres and then to a modern 20,000 square metre building.

The company always acts with an approach based on customer satisfaction and this principle has brought the opportunity to export to more than 40 countries around the world. Değirmencioğlu Machinery has proven its reliability by realising more than 700 projects without any problems from past to present. These projects include flour milling factories, corn milling factories, semolina milling factories and feed milling factories.

Değirmencioğlu Makine, which also made its name known abroad, gained a great momentum in the foreign market by registering the Milltech brand in 2007. Offering a wide range of products under the Milltech brand, the company always meets the needs of its customers quickly with sufficient stock capacity.

The success of Değirmencioğlu Makine stands out not only with its growth but also with its customer-oriented approach. The company, which aims to continue its work in the sector with the same principle and confidence in the future, continues to be a great source of pride with domestic and international projects where it has proven its quality.


These DESMÜD member companies participated in the ALIM 2023 Exhibition and had a successful exhibition experience by introducing technological innovations and products in the milling sector. The international influence and quality products of these companies prove once again that they are important players in the milling industry.